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17 Apr 2020 Managing complaints

We have changed our services during the pandemic as a necessary step to help ensure the safety of our staff and the wider community.

While our community-facing phone service is temporarily suspended, we are committed to continuing to provide services to the community. We are accepting complaints online and by mail.  

We will continue to review our service arrangements during the pandemic event.  We will restore services as it becomes possible to do so.

How to make a complaint in this time of limited services

These links on our site may help you make your complaint:

Make a complaint using the online form; or put your complaint in writing and mail it to: Queensland Ombudsman, GPO Box 3314, Brisbane, QLD 4001.

Correctional and youth justice centres

People held in correctional centres and young people held in youth justice centres continue to have access to our Office through the direct telephone service provided at their centre.

Delays expected

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be delays to our complaint-handling responses and investigations. All complaints made to our office will be triaged. If your complaint is assessed as urgent, an officer will contact you as soon as possible.

Reading and translation support is available to help you to access our website

BrowseAloud is the web application on our site that makes it accessible to those who require online reading support or to translate the site content into a language of their choice. To activate this service, the user clicks on the ‘b’ icon within an orange circle usually placed in the top right corner of the screen. BrowseAloud features and options are accessed from an easy to use,  floating toolbar. Download the A4 translated instructions.

Further updates

Further updates to our services will be posted on our website and LinkedIn page, so please check again for the latest available information.

Previous COVID-19 updates about our services
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