Open data strategy

The Open Data Strategy 2015-19 is a four-year forward plan updated annually. It details how the Office will make its data freely available to the public. This reflects the Office's commitment to transparency and accountability.

Data sets

The Office has the following data sets:

  • complaints data about public agencies
  • consultancies
  • overseas travel
  • training provided to agencies
  • Queensland Language Services Policy
  • gifts and benefits given and received.


So that data can be used effectively, the Office will ensure:

  • the release of information complies with s.25, s.56 and s.92 of the Ombudsman Act 2001 to appropriately protect data restricted for reasons of confidentiality, such as individuals’ complaint records
  • data is made available in open formats such as XLS, CSV, XML
  • data follows metadata standard
  • data has clear usage licences
  • it specifies when the data will be published
  • data is published and available as soon as possible after collection
  • it does not compromise privacy legislation, public safety, security or commercial confidentiality.

Release strategy

The release strategy contains four main components:
  1. Identification: The Office will proactively identify information that can be released.
  2. Assessment: Data will be assessed in accordance with relevant legislation, policies and guidelines. The release of data will be assessed according to its value to the public. Data sets subject to privacy, confidentiality, security or privilege limitations may be restricted or released in a modified form.
  3. Publication: Data will be published in line with set standards on the Queensland Ombudsman’s website.
  4. Management: Every effort will be made to maintain the accuracy and quality of data to promote its effective use.

The Office’s terms of use of the internet applies to all data that is released as open data. While every care will be taken to ensure the quality and veracity of data provided, the Office does not accept any liability for the data provided, or for loss or damages incurred as a result of reliance upon the data.

Future program

Open data as a ‘business as usual’ activity

To embed open data as ‘business as usual’ activity, the Office will:

  • ensure open data activities are included in strategic and operational planning
  • assign specific responsibility for open data within the Office
  • educate employees about the benefits of publishing open data as part of their induction.

Amount and frequency of data released

To increase the amount of data sets published, the Office will:

  • ensure data availability is included in any new business system development
  • embed open data standards and formats in existing work practices
  • automate the publishing of data sets.

Quality of data published

To ensure the quality of data is continuously improved, the Office will:

  • improve descriptions of data sets to ensure they are meaningful
  • improve data formatting
  • improve the quality of data at the point of contact
  • consult data custodians and owners to improve the quality and timeliness of data releases.

User satisfaction with data published

The Office will collect and use customer feedback to enhance published data by inviting feedback and suggestions on data via the Queensland Ombudsman website.

Data sets to be released and release timeline

Data sets to be released annually (October)

Data sets to be released quarterly (October, January, April and July)

Contact details

Email us if you would like to provide any feedback or make an enquiry about open data. 

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