Open data strategy

Strategy statement

This Office supports its vision of a fair and accountable public administration in Queensland through its commitment to Open data - the proactive disclosure of appropriate Office-held information for use, reuse and distribution by anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

The Open data strategy 2023-24 (the Strategy) builds on earlier versions which embedded open data practices as business as-usual.


The Office aims to identify and release appropriate datasets for publication.


The principles for effectively managing the release of the Office’s data underlying this Strategy are that data should be:

  1. open by default (subject to release requirements)
  2. timely and comprehensive
  3. accessible and usable
  4. comparable and interoperable
  5. for improved governance and citizen engagement
  6. for inclusive development and innovation.


There are five main components:

  1. Identification: The Office will proactively identify information that can be released and is of value to the public in one or more of the following ways:
    • increase the openness and transparency
    • capture the public interest or promote public debate
    • be used and analysed by researchers or non-government organisations
    • allow new products or services to be developed by users of the data
    • report on customer feedback and experience
    • provide geospatial or contact data.
  2. Assessment: Data will be assessed in light of its compliance with:
    • legislation
    • policies and guidelines
    • privacy and confidentiality
    • security
    • privilege
    • public safety
    • commercial confidentiality
    • operational risk.
  3. Publication: Data will be published in line with the standards of the Queensland Ombudsman’s website and the Publishing standards outlined at
  4. Management and governance: The Office will continue to manage the accuracy and quality of data by consulting data custodians and owners. The Office will continue to ensure the process is incorporated as business-as-usual, and reviewed as part of the governance framework. Feedback should be directed to
  5. Quality and accessibility: The Office’s terms of use of the internet apply to all open data. To ensure our data users can do so effectively, the Office will:
    • not compromise privacy legislation and obligations, public safety, security or commercial confidentiality
    • format data with consideration for how it will be most useful i.e. open formats such as CSV and XML
    • accompany the data with appropriate standardised metadata to make the data discoverable and meaningful i.e. consistent, standard and adequate descriptions
    • display clear usage licences
    • advise of data quality and publication schedule.
    While every care will be taken to ensure the data’s quality and veracity, the Office does not accept any liability for the data provided, or for loss or damages incurred as a result of reliance upon the data.


All information released by the Office complies with the Ombudsman Act 2001 and Information Privacy Act 2009 to appropriately protect data that is restricted for reasons of confidentiality.

Data sets to be released annually (October)

Data sets to be released quarterly (October, January, April and July)

Contact details

Email us if you would like to provide any feedback or make an enquiry about open data. 

Last updated: Tuesday, 24 October 2023 11:50:21 AM