Managing unreasonable complainant behaviour

We are committed to delivering an accessible and responsive service when dealing with the public. We work in accordance with the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman (QO) Service Delivery Charter, while also ensuring the health and safety of officers as required under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.  

Ombudsman officers are expected to be respectful and to provide clear and accurate information to anyone who contacts the Office. We have zero tolerance for behaviour towards officers that is offensive, abusive or threatening, or behaviour which (because of its nature or frequency) raises health, safety, or equity issues, or consumes disproportionate resources. 

The Office’s management of complainant’s demonstrating challenging or unreasonable behaviour policy and procedure (for external stakeholders) (PDF 253.8KB) documents our approach to managing behaviour that delivers an appropriate service and maintains the safety of officers.
Last updated: Wednesday, 9 August 2023 9:23:59 AM