Strategic plan 2023-27

Office of the Queensland Ombudsman Strategic Plan 2023-27 (PDF 158.8KB)


Fair and accountable public administration in Queensland.


To improve public administration by:

  • investigating administrative decisions
  • helping agencies improve their practices
  • overseeing the system of public interest disclosures
  • improving detention services.


  • Independence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Quality


  • Proactively improve public administration
  • Respond to complaints about public administration
  • Ensure our services are inclusive
  • Continue to be adaptable, capable and sustainable


  • Promote better practices for the delivery of public services
  • Provide training, advice and information
  • Inspect and review places of detention
  • Engage with agencies
  • Conduct timely, independent and just investigations
  • Communicate effective recommendations
  • Help people to know how and when to make a complaint 
  • Respect, protect and promote human rights in our decision-making and actions
  • Work with diverse stakeholders in the design and delivery of our services
  • Engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Maintain a diverse, skilled, safe and engaged workforce
  • Model a culture of accountability and performance
  • Drive continuous improvement and innovation


  • Timeliness and effectiveness of inspections and investigations
  • Agencies’ acceptance of recommendations for improvement
  • Utilisation and effectiveness of training services
  • Quality of service responsiveness
  • Employee safety and engagement
  • Completion of change and improvement projects

Risks and opportunities

  • More actively engage with agencies and stakeholders, while maintaining our reputation for independence
  • Establish and deliver new services
  • Recruit, retain and develop a skilled and diverse workforce; and ensure our workplace and services are culturally-safe
  • Protect and secure information we hold to build and retain confidence in our services

Previous Strategic Plans

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