Legislation and standards

The Inspector of Detention Services Act 2022 (IDS Act) provides for the appointment of an Inspector of Detention Services. It also defines the role and powers of the Inspector. A commencement date is yet to be set.
Inspector of Detention Services standards are being developed and will be available in 2023.

Some parts of the IDS Act commenced by proclamation on 9 December 2022. This supports the appointment of the Inspector and provides the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman with a period to undertake establishment activities, such as hiring of staff, before commencing operations.

The full IDS Act will commence on a date to be fixed by proclamation.


Inspector of Detention Services Act 2022

Proclamation No. 1 - Inspector of Detention Services Act 2022 (commencing certain provisions)

IDS Standards

Inspector of Detention Services standards  are being developed and will be available later in 2023.

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