Prevention and management of fraud and corruption

The Office of the Queensland Ombudsman is committed to high standards of professional and ethical conduct. All employees, and those we engage with, have a responsibility to conduct business activities within legislative and organisational standards. Fraudulent activities or corrupt conduct are contrary to the Ombudsman’s values and code of conduct. The Queensland Ombudsman has zero tolerance for, and is committed to preventing, fraud and corruption in the workplace.

The Prevention and management of fraud and corruption - Control plan for external stakeholders (PDF 330.7KB) supports a proactive culture of integrity to reduce the potential for fraud and corruption to occur within or against the Office.

The control plan explains the key processes in place to support the prevention, detection and response to suspected fraud and corruption within the Office.  It ensures that external parties understand their responsibilities and the mechanisms in place to report and manage any suspected instances of fraud and corruption.

Last updated: Monday, 30 August 2021 8:33:32 AM