Our role

We have three main roles:

  1. to give people a timely, effective and independent way to have administrative actions of agencies investigated
  2. to improve the quality of decision-making and administrative practice in government agencies
  3. oversight of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010.

We investigate complaints about the actions and decisions of state government departments and agencies (including state schools and TAFE), local councils and public universities.  Our complaints assessment and investigation service is free and independent.

The Ombudsman is accountable to parliament, rather than the government of the day. No one can direct:

  • how our investigations should be conducted
  • whether we should or should not investigate particular complaints
  • the level of priority we give to investigations.

The only exception is when parliament or a parliamentary committee refers matters to us for investigation.

Learn more about what we can investigate and what to expect if you make a complaint to us.

As well as assessing and investigating complaints, we also work with state government departments and agencies, local councils and public universities to improve their decision-making and administrative practices by:

  • making recommendations based on an investigation
  • delivering training programs
  • providing advice.

Learn more about our training and administrative improvement services.

We conduct a program of correctional centre and youth detention centre visits. It is important closed environments are scrutinised to ensure satisfactory compliance with key operational systems is demonstrated.

We are also the oversight agency for the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010. This involves reviewing the management of public interest disclosures and providing education and advice to state government departments and agencies, local councils and public universities.

Last updated: Wednesday, 17 August 2022 8:56:30 AM