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The Inspector of Detention Services Act 2022 (IDS Act) seeks to improve detention services with a focus on promoting the humane treatment of detainees and prevention of harm. The IDS Act was passed by the Queensland Parliament on 30 August 2022 and received assent on 7 September 2022.

Under the IDS Act, the Ombudsman will have a new and additional role, the Inspector of Detention Services (Inspector). Some parts of the IDS Act commenced by proclamation on 9 December 2022. This supports the appointment of the Inspector and provides the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman with a period to undertake establishment activities, such as hiring of staff, before commencing operations.

The full IDS Act will commence on a date to be fixed by proclamation.

The IDS Act sets out a framework for review of detention services, inspection of places of detention and independent and transparent reporting. The focus of the Inspector will be on the prevention of harm rather than responding to complaints when harm occurs. This preventative focus will examine the systems and the lived experiences of people detained.

Specific IDS functions will include:

  • inspecting places of detention in Queensland, including youth detention centres, adult prisons and watch-houses
  • preparing and publishing standards for inspections
  • reporting to the Legislative Assembly on inspection visits and making recommendations for improvement.

When carrying out IDS functions, the Inspector must have regard to the cultural background or vulnerability of detainees.

Staff from the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman will support the Inspector’s functions under the IDS Act.

Ombudsman officers have experience in reviewing detention services. This includes visiting correctional centres as part of an administrative improvement function under the Ombudsman Act 2001, investigating complaints made by detainees and major investigation reports such as:

The Office will continue to provide its services to the community under the Ombudsman Act 2001

Information about the IDS Act

Learn more about the IDS legislation and standards.

Statement from the Attorney-General

Legal Affairs and Safety Committee

  • 21 January 2021 – Report No. 21, 57th Parliament - Inspector of Detention Services Bill 2021 - overview

This Queensland Parliament fact sheet details the legislative process of making an Act


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