Publication scheme

Our publication scheme lets you know what information we routinely make publicly available. There is no charge for providing copies of the information contained in the publication scheme.

About us

We investigate complaints about the actions and decisions of state government departments or agencies (including state schools and TAFE), local councils and public universities that may be unlawful, unreasonable, unfair, improperly discriminatory or otherwise wrong.

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Our services

Our core business is complaints management and we exist to ensure that Queensland Government organisations act lawfully and fairly in their dealings with the community and are accountable for their actions.

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Our finances

Financial reporting information is available in a number of publications. Our annual report provides a summary of our financial and corporate performance for the year. The report enables the Queensland community and government to assess our financial and operational performance.

The Service Delivery Statement (SDS) provides the community and other interested parties with information on how we propose to use our financial resources and the outcomes to be achieved in the following financial year. The SDS also provides a summary of achievements against the previous year's published budget and planned outcomes.

Our priorities

We demonstrate our priorities and accountability to parliament and the community through a number of corporate documents. Our services are aligned with our strategic objectives as outlined in our Strategic Plan.

Our decisions

Learn how we make decisions by reading about the role of the Ombudsman, what we can help with and the complaint process.

Our policies

Our current policies are published within the About us section of this website and more specifically within Corporate documents.

Our lists

Our lists and registers contain information relating to the functions of the Office. These include:

If you would like to provide feedback about our publication scheme or make a complaint about the information available, please contact us.

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