Unhappy with us

Unhappy with our decision?

We are committed to effective complaints management. We welcome feedback and complaints in an effort to continually improve our processes and service delivery.

If you are unhappy with our decision about the assessment or investigation of your complaint, you can ask us to review your case.

You need to tell us why we reached the wrong decision and provide any new or important information.

If we agree to review our decision, it will be assigned to an officer who was not involved in handling your complaint.

We will consider whether:

  • the processes followed by our staff were fair
  • the conclusions we reached were reasonable
  • we properly explained our decision.

Our complaints management system (CMS) and internal review policy explains how to request a review, what outcome to expect and the timeframes involved.

Complaints about corrupt conduct against the Ombudsman are dealt with under the Office’s Prevention and management of fraud and corruption - control plan for external stakeholders.

Unhappy with our service?

Our Code of Conduct and Service Delivery Charter explain how we expect our officers to behave. 

If you are unhappy about the way you have been treated by our staff, or believe our processes can be improved, let us know. You can:

  • speak to the officer handling your complaint
  • speak to the officer’s manager
  • write to the Ombudsman.

Our Complaints management and internal review policy explains how to make a complaint about us. 

Last updated: Tuesday, 21 November 2023 10:34:47 AM