Leaving Our Mark artwork

Elements of this ‘Leaving Our Mark’ artwork appear on our reports and other collateral. 


Artist biography

Nathaniel Chapman
Proud Goenpul/Yuggera Man of North Stradbroke Island / Brisbane City. 
Also hailing from the Wambia Tribe on the outskirts of the Northern Territory and Waka Waka country out in Eidsvold Queensland.    

“As a young Indigenous man, I have had the privilege to travel to multiple countries devotedly expressing my cultural heritage through song and dance. I was given the skin name ‘BILLEN’ which means the Parrot, and I now have the privilege to express myself through my Art, always keeping that connection to culture strong.” 

Artist story

“This First Nations Artwork, Leaving Our Mark, is a representation of the Queensland Ombudsman organisation as their work and impact on our communities much like our First Nation Elders throughout millennia and still today is never ending. For our youth they’ve been the SUPPORT the ASSISTANCE the NURTURER and LEADER. In this country we have many Nations. It’s only normal that conflict between tribes would happen, and without our Elders there to lead through their own experience and knowledge we would not respect one another. Everything we learn about conservation, unity and peace is passed down for 60,000yrs and it’s our Elders who make this imperative for the next generation to pass on.

Much like the Queensland Ombudsman organisation, our Elders enforce what is right to keep stability amongst our people. These elements are a representation of that.” 

The meaning of elements

“Circles indicate meeting areas. The ‘U’ shapes are men and women, dots are children. Wavy lines are pathways through the community and across the land. We use trails to meet up and settle disputes. Elements represent land, knowledge and leadership. The hand is support and guidance from Elders. Elders passing down knowledge and enforcing law.”

Last updated: Wednesday, 26 April 2023 12:03:09 PM