New videos to help you know how and when to make a complaint

05 Apr 2023 News

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to get help from when you have a complaint. Clear, easy to understand information can make the process easier. 

To better explain our services, we have produced videos about:

  • what an ombudsman is
  • who we can assist
  • how and when we should be contacted.

These tips for effectively seeking help with your complaint have a focus on the needs of people with impaired capacity. The scripts were co-designed with consultants from the Queenslanders with Disability Network.

Share these videos with your community groups! 

Series with Auslan interpretation

These videos can be viewed in any order. It may be that someone only needs to view one or two to find the answers they are seeking.

These seven videos are also in a playlist, How and when to make a complaint – Auslan series.

Series with audio description

We have a duplicate set of these videos to assist people with impaired vision,  How and when to make a complaint – Audio description series.

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