Inspection standards for prisons and youth detention centres released

06 Sep 2023 Inspector of Detention Services

Inspection standards aim to ensure transparency in the outcomes that will be assessed during inspections.

Each standard has a number of indicators which contribute to the Inspector’s assessment of how well a standard is achieved.

An additional goal for the standards is to establish a set of best practice principles that places of detention should meet to ensure the humane treatment of detainees and prevent them being subjected to harm while detained.

“Prisoners deprived of their liberty are particularly vulnerable to human rights violations”, said Anthony Reilly, Ombudsman and Inspector of Detention Services. 

“It is generally recognised that the observance of human rights is the most effective and safe way to manage custodial environments.”

The following standards are available:


Youth detention centres

We are currently preparing standards for inspections of watch-houses.

The preparation and publication of standards is required by the IDS Act. (s 8(1)(d)).


More information is available under About this service, Frequently asked questions and IDS legislation and standards. Further details will be added to the website when they are available. 

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