Border restriction complaints

28 Sep 2021 Managing complaints, News

The Office has received complaints about border restrictions in relation to COVID-19; and those complaints cover a range of related issues. These complaints are being assessed and actioned under the Ombudsman Act 2001.

If you have a complaint about border restrictions, try and resolve the issue with the relevant agency first. Depending on your complaint, this may be Queensland Health or Queensland Police Service.

Public sector agencies have a complaints management system that sets out the step-by-step pathway for resolving complaints. When the agency has made a decision, you should receive a letter or email to tell you the outcome, with information and reasons for the decision.

What should you include in your complaint to us about border restrictions?

If you phone us, here are some questions we will ask you. If you are making your complaint in writing, please provide this information.

  • Where are you currently located?

  • Why are you travelling to Queensland?

  • Have you applied for entry to Queensland? If so, when?

  • If you are not eligible to apply for entry to Queensland, have you applied for exemption of the border restrictions?

  • If you have not received a decision, have you followed up with the agency?

  • If you have received a decision about your application, can you provide documents?

  • If you are unhappy with the agency’s decision, have you complained to them? If you have, can you provide documents?

  • If you have received approval to enter Queensland, what is preventing you from doing so (e.g. no date of entry provided, no flights, no hotel rooms)?

  • If you are unhappy with the conditions of your entry approval, have you applied for an exemption?

  • Have you complained to the Queensland Human Rights Commission? If so, when did you make that complaint and do you know if it has progressed? 


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