Strategic plan 2015-19


Fair and accountable public administration in Queensland.


To fairly and independently review public sector administrative actions and work with agencies to improve their decision-making.


Integrity and impartiality

  • We are ethical and honest in everything we do.    
  • We respond to complaints without bias and we don’t take sides.

Fairness and respect

  • We treat people equitably.
  • We respect and value diversity.

Responsiveness and diligence

  • We respond to complaints quickly. If we cannot help, we will explain why and suggest another action.        
  • We produce timely and high quality work.
  • We develop our skills and innovate in our processes to improve service.    


Independent review and investigation of complaints

What we wish to achieve: Independent and accessible complaint review and investigation that is recognised as fair and reasonable by those involved.


  1. Provide timely and effective assessment and investigation of complaints.
  2. Engage with agencies and clients to increase understanding about the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman’s investigative role.

Key performance indicators 

  • Average time to complete preliminary assessments of complaints – 10 days
  • Investigations completed within target timeframes – 90%
  • Complaints finalised within 12 months of lodgement – 99%
  • Complaints clearance rate – 100%
  • Clients’ satisfaction with the level of service provided – 80%
  • Complaints reviewed where the original Ombudsman decision is upheld – 80%

Individuals are empowered to resolve complaints with public sector agencies

What we want to achieve: Individuals have the support, advice and information necessary to manage their complaints with the relevant agencies.


  1. Build greater knowledge in the community about how to make an effective complaint about public agency action and when to contact the Office.
  2. Support individuals to make effective complaints by providing greater access to complaint management information and services.
  3. Redirect premature complaints to agencies’ complaints management systems.

Key performance indicators

  • Reduction in premature or out of jurisdiction matters – 5%
  • Direct premature complaints to the relevant agency – 20%
  • Client satisfaction with the level of service provided – 80%

Public sector agencies improve their decision-making and complaints management

What we wish to achieve: The Office’s investigations, advice and training services help public agencies to improve their decision-making and complaints management.


  1. Work with public agencies to rectify unfair and unjust decisions and poor administration.
  2. Identify systemic weaknesses in public agency decision-making and recommend improvements to practice.
  3. Improve the knowledge and skills of public agency officers in decision-making and complaints-handling.
  4. Oversee the operation of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010.

Key performance indicators

  • Investigations resulting in public agency rectification action – 10%
  • Ombudsman recommendations accepted – 90%
  • Participants report Ombudsman training helps their decision-making – 80%
  • Number of training participants – 2,500 annually
  • Growth in subscriptions to Ombudsman publications – 5%

The Office is an accountable organisation with a capable workforce

What we wish to achieve: The Office’s systems, structure and culture enable capable and engaged people to work together to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan.


  1. Attract, develop and retain a capable and engaged workforce.
  2. Develop a positive and productive culture that supports performance and innovation.
  3. Deliver further improvements in systems and processes focused on client needs and improving consistency of services.
  4. Apply contemporary practices to ensure accountability and business requirements are met.   

Key performance indicators    

  • Staff satisfaction and workforce statistics    
  • Unqualified financial audit
  • Permanent staff separation rate – 7.5%
  • Staff training and development – 2% of salaries   

Strategic risks


To achieve its vision and purpose, the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman must maintain its independence and reputation for fairness and impartiality.

In the process of complaints review and investigation, the Office must do its work in a timely and unbiased way to promote trust. Where there is a need for improvement, the Office must make practical and relevant recommendations to remedy injustice and improve administration. Advice must be appropriate and clear. The Office must ensure it is able to demonstrate that it meets its accountability requirements.


The Office is responsible for delivering information, advice and services to all regions of Queensland and to all sectors of the community, including those experiencing disadvantage and social exclusion. As demand continues to grow, effectively managing resources to ensure the Office delivers equitable and accessible services will be a critical issue.


To undertake effective complaints review and investigation, make recommendations to remedy maladministration and successfully advise agencies on how to improve their decision-making, the Office must maintain relevant and contemporary professional expertise. To do this, the Office must continue its strong focus on developing workforce capability and ensuring it has contemporary policies, procedures and systems.

Performance and accountability

This plan outlines the strategic direction for the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman. It will guide operational planning and actions to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

The Queensland Ombudsman’s Annual Report to the Queensland Parliament will report on the implementation of this plan. Reporting will also be provided in budget documents, such as the Service Delivery Statement.

The Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee of the Queensland Parliament oversees and monitors the performance of the Office.

Queensland Ombudsman Strategic Plan 2015-19 (PDF 549.5KB)

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