Training and advice

We work with the public sector to improve decision-making and administrative practices. We do this in a number of ways:

  • training
  • reviewing complaints processes
  • providing advice
  • delivering a regional services program.


We offer practical and interactive training for public sector officers on managing complaints, making good decisions, managing unreasonable complainant conduct and dealing with a conflict of interest. We also offer specific training on practical ethics designed for the needs of the local government and state government sectors.


We review the complaint management systems of Queensland state government departments and agencies, local councils, and public universities. These reviews help develop effective complaints handling processes which meet recognised standards and legislative requirements.


State government departments and agencies (including state schools and TAFE), local councils, and public universities, can contact us for advice on complaint handling and decision-making processes. Our Perspective newsletter provides information about issues we have investigated.

Regional services program

Our Regional Services Program (RSP) involves visits to regional and rural centres across Queensland. We provide training to Queensland state government departments and agencies, local councils, and public universities to improve complaint handling and decision-making. We also deliver education sessions for community groups, community justice groups and electorate officers.

Last updated: Wednesday, 23 November 2022 10:59:13 AM