Practical ethics for local government

This interactive half-day course challenges participants with ethical questions in various scenarios. You will work through individual and group activities relating to conflicts of interest, the appropriate use of your position and recordkeeping. You will learn how to make ethical decisions that take into account key public sector values such as integrity, impartiality, accountability and transparency.

Training includes human rights considerations following the introduction of the Human Rights Act 2019.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand the local government ethical framework
  • understand your obligations and rights in relation to workplace and private conduct
  • identify potential ethical dangers and hotspots
  • understand the dangers of poor ethical behaviour
  • prioritise the public interest when decision-making
  • understand the important role discussing and reporting conduct plays in creating and maintaining an ethical culture
  • apply a guiding approach when confronted with ethical challenges to assist arriving at the right decision
  • identify when and how to seek advice when navigating ethical issues
  • promote an organisational culture that values high ethical standards.

Who can attend?

Local government officers and employees of all levels should can attend our practical and interactive training.

Open sessions

Open sessions are held in Brisbane and regional areas throughout the year, which enables agencies to send a small number of staff to training. If you have 10 or more staff who would like to attend training, group sessions are a more cost-effective option.

Half-day cost: $300 (+GST) per person, full catering included.

Upcoming open sessions

Group sessions

If you have 10 or more staff who would like to attend training, group sessions are a cost-effective option. Trainers may be able to tailor the training to meet your needs if adequate notice is provided. Additional costs may apply if extensive tailoring is required.

Half-day cost: $3,000 + GST (per group, maximum of 25 in group) 

Catering and venue are to be arranged by the booking organisation. No further costs are charged for travelling regionally. Pricing applies for South East Queensland locations and regional Queensland locations.

To find out more information or make a booking, email or phone (07) 3005 7023.

Last updated: Monday, 20 July 2020 10:22:48 AM