Managing unreasonable complainant conduct

Increase your confidence to deal with difficult client behaviour when delivering services to the public. You will also learn strategies to prevent and manage unreasonable conduct and promote best practice customer service.

This half-day course is designed to help you manage unreasonable conduct. It includes tips and traps, various scenarios, and group activities with clear strategies to help manage unreasonable behaviour. It is suitable for frontline staff, complaints officers, managers, supervisors and anyone who is in contact with customers or the public.

It promotes a straightforward approach to preventing and managing unreasonable conduct. It examines the various categories of unreasonable conduct, what it is and why it happens. The course covers unreasonable behaviour received by phone, face-to-face and in writing and provides practical strategies to prevent and manage unreasonable conduct.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand what unreasonable conduct is
  • identify early warning signs
  • apply strategies to prevent and manage the conduct.    

Who can attend?

Staff from Queensland government agencies can attend our practical and interactive training. 

Open sessions

Webinar open sessions are a great opportunity for any officer in Queensland to access interactive training. Joining an open session is subject to availability.

Half-day cost: $346.50 (Includes GST) per person.

Upcoming open sessions

Group sessions

If you have 10 or more staff who would like to attend training, group sessions are a cost effective option. Trainers may be able to tailor the training to meet your needs if adequate notice is provided.

Consultation is required to discuss the tailoring prior to confirming the booking. This is a cost-effective way to train staff and provides the opportunity to work with experienced Ombudsman officers in an informal setting. Additional costs may apply if extensive tailoring is required. 

We can deliver training via the webinar software of your choice. When training is delivered face-to-face, catering and venue are to be arranged by the booking agency. The delivery mode is subject to approval and may change.

Half-day cost:
$3,465 includes GST (per group, maximum of 25 in group). 

To find out more information or make a booking, email or phone (07) 3035 4120.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 August 2022 1:03:42 PM