Managing unreasonable complainant conduct

Interactive training

Following are details for open training sessions. Open sessions are a great opportunity for any officer in Queensland to participate in interactive training.

Agencies can also book their own group training sessions outside of this calendar. If you have 10 or more staff who would like to attend training, group sessions are a more cost-effective option. Trainers may be able to tailor the training to meet your needs. Trainers may be able to tailor the training to meet your needs if adequate notice is provided. Consultation is required to discuss the tailoring prior to confirming the booking. This is a cost-effective way to train staff and provides the opportunity to work with experienced Ombudsman officers in an informal setting. Additional costs may apply if extensive tailoring is required. We can deliver training via the webinar software of your choice. When training is delivered face-to-face, catering and venue are to be arranged by the booking agency. The delivery mode is subject to approval and may change. To find out more information or make a booking, email or phone (07) 3035 4120.

Last updated: Monday, 1 August 2022 1:58:41 PM