Public interest disclosure management resources

‘Assessing Public Interest Disclosures

The PID Assessment Guide (PDF 64.7KB) steps PID Coordinators through the three fundamental questions to consider assessing information to decide if it is a public interest disclosure:

  1. Is this public interest information under the PID Act?
  2. Is it an appropriate disclosure?
  3. Is it made to a proper authority?

The template can be used to record your assessment or as a basis for a form designed specifically for in-house use in your agency.’

Assessing the risk of reprisal

The PID Risk Assessment Guide (PDF 52.1KB) provides guidance on conducting a risk assessment for reprisal of the discloser. A risk assessment may also need to be undertaken for a person who is mistakenly assumed to have made a public interest, for one or more witnesses, or for the friends or associates of a discloser or witness. Key questions to ask are what is the likelihood of reprisal action being taken, what would the impact be if it occurred and what action can the agency take to prevent or minimise the risk of reprisal. Whenever possible, consult the discloser (or other relevant person) about the risk assessment and get their input. Where there is a significant risk of reprisal document a risk protection plan. Revisit the risk assessment at key stages of the PID management process, for example, when the subject officer/s are first informed of the investigation, and when ‘show cause’ notices proposing disciplinary action are issued.

Learn more about assessing the risk of reprisal.

Assessing your agency’s PID procedures

As required by section 28(1) of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010, chief executive officers are required to establish procedures for the management of public interest disclosures. Section 28(2) requires that those procedures be published on a publicly available website.

Review and self-assess your agency’s PID policy and procedure to ensure it meets the requirements of the PID Act and the Public Interest Disclosure Standard No 1.

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