Ombudsman Advisory

The Ombudsman Advisory is an e-bulletin that communicates the lessons learnt from recent investigations and provides an insight into systemic issues. Advisories are published under the themes of making and communicating good decisions, complaint management and improving policy and procedures.

We also publish a range of newsletters that are tailored to specific groups and provide more news, tips and advice on good decision-making and complaint management.

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Documents categorised to Making Good Decisions
Making good decisions
Attention to detail and good record keeping key to successful tender processes
Consider all the circumstances when making a decision (PDF 56.9KB)
Library ban overturned (PDF 95.6KB)
The correct application of laws (PDF 171.7KB)
The decision must be consistent with definitions (PDF 148.8KB)
Investigation of disposal of property by council (PDF 267.4KB)
Investigation of complaints about councillor conduct (PDF 262.1KB)

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Documents categorised to Communications is key
Communication is key
Communicating appeal rights (PDF 116.4KB)
Communicating reasons for a decision (PDF 86.9KB) 
Communication of decision and appeal rights (PDF 280KB)

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Documents categorised to Managing complaints
Managing complaints
Where is the leak? Managing public interest disclosures
Improving the management of Public Interest Disclosures (PDF 70.4KB)
Creating an effective complaints management process (PDF 168.2KB)

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Documents categorised to Improving policies and procedures
Improving policy and procedure
Naming of property owner in an auction notice when selling property for unpaid rates unreasonable
Taking the right approach to compliance - lesson for regulators
Scope of appeals limited (PDF 56.5KB)
Enforcing development approval conditions (PDF 164.1KB)
Clean-up costs: who foots the bill? (PDF 82.4KB)
Recovery of legal costs - overdue rates (PDF 116.9KB)
Cost Recovery Fees: fixing a fair price (PDF 44.9KB)
Cost Recovery Fees: the right price (PDF 100.7KB)
Investigation of Brisbane City Council Tennyson Reach Parkland Transactions - How well would your agency procurements withstand scrutiny? (PDF 371.4KB)
Policy on the run need not be policy underdone (PDF 284.9KB)
Managing land use conflicts - application of State Planning Policies - Good Quality Agricultural Land (PDF 689.9KB)
Providing employee complaint investigation outcome advice - privacy considerations (PDF 330.1KB)

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