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  1. Usual phone hours from 30 Marchstar relevancy 5 As of 9.30am on Wednesday 30 March, we re-established usual hours for our public access phone line.  - Last Modified 30 Mar 2022
  2. Phone contact resumed on Thursday 17 Marchstar relevancy 5 As of 9.30am on Thursday 17 March, we re-opened our public access phone line.  - Last Modified 17 Mar 2022
  3. Limited services resuming after flood damagestar relevancy 5 We are progressively resuming our services after experiencing flood damage to the building.  - Last Modified 9 Mar 2022
  4. Changed phone hours from 7 Januarystar relevancy 5 From Friday 7 January 2022 we have changed phone hours to 9.30-11.30am, and 2.00-4.00pm business days.  - Last Modified 6 Jan 2022
  5. Our response to changed COVID-19 measures from 17 December 2021star relevancy 5 We have received complaints about a broad range of COVID-19 related issues since restrictions were imposed in 2020.  - Last Modified 15 Dec 2021
  6. Compulsory Christmas closure star relevancy 5 Seasons greetings and best wishes for the new year.  - Last Modified 1 Dec 2021
  7. New bill to establish an independent inspector to oversee detention facilitiesstar relevancy 5 The Government introduced a new bill into Parliament to establish an independent inspector to oversee the State’s detention facilities.  - Last Modified 15 Nov 2021
  8. Border restriction complaintsstar relevancy 5 What should you include in your complaint to us about border restrictions?  - Last Modified 1 Nov 2021
  9. COVID-safe servicesstar relevancy 5 During this lockdown period, we will continue to deliver services in ways that support public health.  - Last Modified 3 Aug 2021
  10. COVID Safe complaints services star relevancy 5 The Office is continuing to accept complaints online, by phone and in writing.  - Last Modified 29 Jun 2021
  11. Service change due to lockdownstar relevancy 5 Phone line closing at 1.45pm today. Business as usual from Monday 11 January.  - Last Modified 26 Nov 2021
  12. Phil Clarke retires and incoming Queensland Ombudsman, Anthony Reilly, pays tributestar relevancy 5 Phil Clarke retired as Queensland Ombudsman on 9 July after almost 10 years of service. The new Ombudsman, Anthony Reilly, thanked Mr Clarke for his service to the Office of the Ombudsman and the Queensland community.  - Last Modified 31 Jul 2020
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