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  1. search file icon1. Recordkeeping cases from Casebook 2020 - Blog   5 star relevancy Recordkeeping cases from Casebook 2020  - Last Modified 27 May 2021
  2. search file icon2. Case studies - other investigation outcomes - Blog   5 star relevancy A rectification is the outcome of an investigation where the Ombudsman recommends an agency change a decision or action as a result of a complaint. Usually case studies focus on rectifications, however following are examples of other investigation outcomes.  - Last Modified 26 Aug 2020
  3. search file icon3. Case studies - improving policy, procedures or service - Blog   5 star relevancy The community expects public agencies to have policies and procedures to support and inform fair and consistent decision-making at all levels within government. This Office makes recommendations to agencies for improving policy, procedures or service.  - Last Modified 31 Jul 2020
  4. search file icon4. Case studies - positive outcomes for vulnerable people - Blog   5 star relevancy The Office continues to promote awareness and accessibility for communities in regional and remote areas, Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, the homeless and prisoners.  - Last Modified 8 May 2020
  5. search file icon5. Case studies - Improving communication - Blog   5 star relevancy Communication with complainants should be open and accountable, subject to legal requirements. Failure to manage complainant’s expectations may result in dissatisfaction with the complaints process, unrealistic expectations and complaint escalation.  - Last Modified 19 Mar 2020
  6. search file icon6. Case studies - Proper application of rules - Blog   5 star relevancy Improperly applied rules result in complaints to this Office when there has been a difference between the expectation and the reality in delivery of service from a public agency.  - Last Modified 14 Nov 2019
  7. search file icon7. Case studies from closed environments - Blog   5 star relevancy Case studies relating to correctional centres and youth justice services from the 2017-2018 annual report  - Last Modified 5 Aug 2019
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